Apr 30, 2012

Initial for Word List study Open Source Project using MVC3

Last year I was listening to podcast from Scott Hanselman  about being Be A Better Developer In Six Months.  One thing they suggest was to read code, contribute in open source communities and test other frameworks. Even from the suggestion of the authors of The-Pragmatic-Programmer-Journeyman-Master programmatic programmers book was to learn new language every year. Though It seems clumsy to study and master a language every year, they advocated it to study the style of the language and bring the style to your current language.  The blogger James Justin also also asserted  in his 10 tips to go from a beginner to an intermediate developer to study other type of framework and bring the notion or culture of the framework to your current and this will improve the design of your code.

At first I didn’t give much attention but when I started to follow it really worked for me. I just started to read unintentionally from an eBook about ASP.NET MVC. However the book grabs me and I can't leave it out. I just read the first version in last year.  According to the suggestion I climbed to develop an open source project to test my skill. At first I stared an open source project called http://petshelter.codeplex.com/ with  other developers around the world.  Although by profession I was not web developer this has clearly paved me to enter the web world.  Later when I got good test about the razor engine and EF in the MVC3 I inclined to develop my own an open source project hosted at codeplex. The intent of the project is for two purposes. First when I was starting the application I was in need for collaborative word study application.  Second the application also seems good to improve and test my MVC3 skill.

At the moment I have uploaded the initial version of the project at the Word List Study . Being an open source project I welcome for other contribution also.
The idea behind the application is simple. It is a collaborative engine for word study [currently an English].  A user study a word from the list and also adds new word if it is not in the list. Besides top student according the number of words is rated. The word studied among the students is also open so that other can easily study it and compute.
In conclusion, being a windows desktop application developer I was not much interested to develop the web application. But I have a habit of reading any kind of good book I get; my journey in the ASP.NET MVC has really boasted my programming skills.  I got very handy skill from the MVC world which still I am using in my daily desktop application profession.  The notion of clean testing, DI, separation of concern and thin view has become my daily arsenal in my workspace.

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